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2016 Range-wide Accomplishment Report and Executive Summary by America's Longleaf

This 2016 Range-wide Accomplishment Report summarizes the progress over the past year toward the goal of the Range-wide Conservation Plan for the Longleaf Pine. This is the fourth annual report that documents the accomplishments of restoration of longleaf in the Southeastern United States. The report opens with a message from Troy Ettel, the 2016 Longleaf Partnership Council Chair, then follows with discussions on strategic priorities, highlights throughout the year, progress towards goals, and the future of longleaf restoration. The sustained momentum and increased accomplishments are something of which we can all be proud!

Longleaf Pine Cone Prospects for 2016-2017

Brady Beck receives NC Longleaf Coalition’s Illustris Palustris Award

A Walk in Woods and Back in Time ……

Remnant Longleaf and Cat-face Snags in Nash County